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Powder coating - an environmentally friendly alternative

Compared to the ingredients used in many forms of surface finishing, powder coating materials are environmentally friendly. Paint solvents and thinners are very harmful if released into the environment, and some automotive paints will continue to leach volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) for many years if not disposed of carefully. Metal plating as applied to nickel and chrome uses heavy metals that are extremely toxic, and which will do long-lasting damage if they leach into the soil or find their way into the water table.

Power coating is the environmentally friendly alternative to toxic wet paints and electro plating. The coating process does not use solvents, meaning there are no VOC emissions. Powder coating is just that, the application of a powder – one that is non-toxic, can be used on products such as food service equipment, and which in its raw form is no more harmful than dust.

In addition, Current Technical advice is that any powder coating on frames or posts located inground, will not leach into the soil which is advantageous when near plants.
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